Sabtu, 30 Mei 2009

Time Between Dog and Wolf OST

Time Between Dog and Wolf

01. Mi ryun han ga seum ah - Lee Soo (M.C the Max)
02. Ha neul eul ga ri go - Jang Hye Jin
03. City Of Time - Mario Feat. Young Ji
04. Promise - Young Ji
05. Criying Wolf
06. Infiltration
07. Real Identity
08. Fighting Dog
09. Unforgettable Tears
10. Wolf Gone Wild
11. He Is Gone
12. Plot
13. Childhood (Small Flute Ver.)
14. Action In The Dusk
15. Longing
16. Canis & Lupus
17. Id Love
18. I Want Revenge
19. Chung bang
20. Chasing The Wolf
21. Childhood (Guitar Ver.)
22. Ha neul eul ga ri go (Acc Ver.) - Jang Hye Jin

you can download in this link :

ost time between wolf and dog.rar

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  1. Hi, it`s very nice to see this post.
    Could you please tell me how to download these soundtrack?

  2. i'm sorry i don't know why it can not be downloaded...
    i give you the alternative link downloader... i hope you can enjoy it...
    thank you for all..

  3. Really awesome... Thanks so much! :)

  4. You're the besat - thank you!